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Hair Loss

Today, losing of hair has been a very serious disorder for male, female, even children and teenagers. Everyone can get all information about hair loss from this site. This site include information about hair loss such as causes, signs and symptoms of hair loss, treatments, hair loss and diet, types of hair loss, diagnosis of hair loss, medications and surgery and non-surgical hair transplant etc. and hair loss in children, teenagers, men, women, thyroid hair loss and more………


Types of hair loss

This site consists information about the different types of hair loss such as Alopecia Areata, Propecia and more…

Getting treatments

People can get information about the kinds of treatment such as medication like Procerin, Rogaine and surgical treatment and more…..

This site also includes the information about the hair loss exercise, home remedy and vitamins for hair loss and more…


Important tips to reduce hair loss

  • People should minimize the exposure under heat.
  • People should take care of hair.
  • People should not over-brush the hair.
  • Avoid or minimize to drink alcohol.
  • Do not over-pull the hair.
  • Braids or tight ponytails are damaging the hair.
  • Use a detangler or conditioner after shampoo the hair.
  • People must limit excessive exposure to chlorine.
  • Medications that are associated hair loss consist antidepressants, beta blockers, chemotherapy, vitamin A, testosterone products and certain cholesterol-lowering agents.
  • If one is feeling severe type of hair loss, call the health care provider immediately.
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